Levels of Biblical Learning


Levels of Biblical Learning provides you with visible milestones related to biblical knowledge, skills, and attitudes at the designated levels from birth through sixth grade. It’s a useful guide to show at what age they should be introduced to the following concepts: God, Bible, Church, Jesus, Family, Salvation, Creation, Self, Community & World.

Within the Levels of Biblical Learning documents you’ll find:

  • Information on setting spiritual foundations
  • A detailed chart of ages at which concepts are introduced
      Charts include:

    • All ages
    • Babies-2s
    • 3s-PreK
    • Kindergarten
    • Grades 1-2
    • Grades 3-4
    • Preteen
  • Information on talking to children about salvation
  • A list of foundational Bible stories

The Levels of Bible Skills makes a wonderful tool for parents as they guide children in using their Bibles, memorizing Scripture, and learning Bible skills and words.